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Hi! I’m Sigrid,

writer producer educator 

Sigrid Channer is a blogger, content provider, host of Lifestyles with Sigrid and a passionate believer in women’s self-discovery and empowerment. 

Sigrid specializes in connecting women to ideas, people and organizations that will help them grow and achieve their goals.  This is accomplished through a series of blogs and media programing provided by Lifestyles with Sigrid.  Lifestyles with Sigrid has interviewed female entrepreneurs, politicians, college professors, nonprofit organizations, writers, herbalist, and celebrities.

Drawing on 20 years’ experience in broadcast and cable industry Sigrid has worked in a variety of jobs; Starting out in the Telex department at WNET. Next was a field producer position with the Caribbean Broadcasting Network, Fox television as a trainee with Good Day New York and presently as a freelance producer with Bronxnet Television.  Also, a content provider and editor for DEEP Vision  Network. Previously an educator in New York City.

Sigrid’s main focus is on using the media to bring women together.  Connecting them to the resources that will help them move forward.  Most of the time, the things that are needed to succeed are within our grasp. All that is needed is a medium to expose the opportunity.  That is what Lifestyles with Sigrid will do.

Sigrid Channer, M.S. Ed.

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