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Racism 101

I can’t argue with small-minded people who have no vision and must rely on fear to make their way in the world.  Instead of using their God given mind to create a world which everyone can live in peace and harmony, they create a world of war and division.

God created a variety of everything for a reason.  Do you realize what kind of world it could be if we all contributed?  The things this diverse planet could achieve; Moving in accordance to how God created it to move - grow?  Think about the variety of contributions.  On the other hand, can you imagine a world with only on  e mind?  Some people think one mind would make the world perfect.    Which mind would that be and how does that help Gods original plan of diversity?

Racism is based on fear – not hate. It does not “behave” as hate behaves.  It walks, talks and breathes fear.


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