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The Importance of Womans History Month

Maya Angelou once said “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possible, without claiming it, she stands up for all woman.” It makes me think of the many women in the past who stood up to society.


 Some, in the face of ostracism, ridicule, or even death.  These bold ladies speaking up, head held high - taking their rightful place.  I wonder how many of them thought about how their words or actions would affect the future.  I think in the moment, all they had was a big idea and the passion behind it.  This is why we must always remember Woman’s History Month.


Woman’s History Month is a reminder of the achievements and contributions that women have made throughout the world.  We honor women from the past, the present and those influencers of the future who will make their mark.


Women’s history is filled with incredible, shocking, unbelievable, amazing and uplifting true stories.  Proving that women are strong and determined; sometimes breaking the rules in order to push ourselves or humanity forward.  There are stories of us as warriors – leading whole armies into battle, artists, stage coach drivers, heads of state, advocates, various careers in law, self-made millionaires, pirates, aviators, astronauts, spies and scientists.  These ladies will show you that with determination, anything is possible.  This month, I hope to share some of my favorite biographies with you.



Sigrid Channer


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